Commit 3dc35064 authored by niv-openerp's avatar niv-openerp

[imp] simplified Connector design

parent 7b3f75f4
......@@ -50,15 +50,6 @@ class Connector(object):
__logger = _getChildLogger(_logger, 'connector')
def __init__(self, hostname, port):
Initilize by specifying an hostname and a port.
:param hostname: Host name of the server.
:param port: Port for the connection to the server.
self.hostname = hostname
self.port = port
def get_service(self, service_name):
Returns a Service instance to allow easy manipulation of one of the services offered by the remote server.
......@@ -81,8 +72,7 @@ class XmlRPCConnector(Connector):
:param hostname: The hostname of the computer holding the instance of OpenERP.
:param port: The port used by the OpenERP instance for XMLRPC (default to 8069).
Connector.__init__(self, hostname, port)
self.url = 'http://%s:%d/xmlrpc' % (self.hostname, self.port)
self.url = 'http://%s:%d/xmlrpc' % (hostname, port)
def send(self, service_name, method, *args):
url = '%s/%s' % (self.url, service_name)
......@@ -99,7 +89,7 @@ class XmlRPCSConnector(XmlRPCConnector):
def __init__(self, hostname, port=8069):
super(XmlRPCSConnector, self).__init__(hostname, port)
self.url = 'https://%s:%d/xmlrpc' % (self.hostname, self.port)
self.url = 'https://%s:%d/xmlrpc' % (hostname, port)
class Service(object):
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